Founded by Bret Prichard after 25 years in the nonprofit arena, the Results Matter Group was created to share a wealth of experience learned by actually working in the field. Mr. Prichard has had a successful career working at the chapter, regional and national level in a variety of local, national and international nonprofits, and has developed methods that bring about exponential growth, averaging over 40 percent growth per year. Our goal is to get you the results your mission deserves.


Five Programs. One Goal.   Our goal is to make your organization a leader in the field, and that starts with your fundraising results. With our help, you can regain your momentum and raise the funds needed to achieve the growth your mission deserves.

Fundraising Effectiveness Consulting     Results Matter Group can help organizations at any stage of development improve their fundraising results. Does your staff need fundraising training and/or mentoring, or do you need to move your fundraising from the strategic planning phase to an operational phase? Results Matter Group can help you develop a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that will get you results.

Regional Fundraising Support      Results Matter Group can assist national organizations with regional fundraising support and help local organizations with increased fundraising capacity. We can help you meet your donors where they are and expand the capacity of your fundraising department by providing an experienced fundraiser to steward, cultivate and solicit your donors on behalf of your organization.

Leadership Transition      The hiring time for a seasoned appropriate replacement can be three to six months, if not longer. Don’t lose organizational or fundraising momentum during this transition. The Results Matter Group can step in on a retainer/part-time basis and keep mission-critical management and fundraising functions moving forward. We can continue the stewardship, cultivation and solicitation of your most important donors so neither the fundraising nor the mission of the organization suffers while you are searching for the right person to carry the torch.

Board Development      From board and committee development to understanding the issues of governance vs. management, Results Matter Group can help your leadership focus on what really matters for the future of your organization. We will help your leadership focus on elements that ensure you meet the growing needs of your organization — for today and the future.

Special Event Consultation      Have a new event you want to launch? Maybe you have an event that has hit a plateau? The Results Matter Group can help analyze strengths and weaknesses of your event and offer ideas that will capitalize on your market, help grow your fundraising and make your event revenue sustainable.


This answer is quite simple — your results matter. The results you achieve as an organization depend on the results you get from your fundraising. Results Matter Group can help identify key areas of need; develop focused, proven strategies; and help implement those strategies. The result is a sustainable increase in funds available for delivery and growth of the very mission your organization was created to serve in the first place.

Getting you the results you need is OUR mission.


Results Matter Group has worked with a wide range of organizations on tasks such as board development, strategic planning, budgeting, proposal writing, campaign development, database organization, event planning and execution, fundraising program development, wealth screening, donor development planning, donor cultivation and donor solicitation. While the missions of these organizations varied, the outcome was the same: Fundraising has improved and the organizations are better prepared to achieve their mission.

Results Matter Group has provided services for programs such as:

Working to end domestic violence

Working with our military

Saving our military bases

Emergency Preparedness

Urban Search and Rescue


Education (K-12 and University level)

Food Shelters

Gang Intervention

Healthy Living

Jobs Programs

Saving California’s Missions and

Raising funds for important research to cure and treat some of today’s most devastating diseases


National MS Society (Texas): Doubled revenue over a three-year period
National MS Society (California): Tripled revenue over a six-year period
Cure Autism Now (Autism Speaks): Doubled revenue over a two-year period
Marymount California University: Tenfold increase from $300,000 to $3.5 million in a four-year period
Various Organizations: Continued success in growing revenue and achieving goals

Summary: Averaging a 40 percent growth PER YEAR for 20 years




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